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Vertical mower
Green lawn roller press
Green special sand spreader
Lawn spraying machine
Lawn spreader
Lawn cutting and punching machine
Lawn sander
Four-wheel dosing machine.
Lawn roller press sand laying machine
Lawn sweeper
Sand raking machine

Lawn Trailer
Vertical mower
Lawn planter
Fan series products
Fan series products
Fan series products
About Us

Naki garden machinery company is a professional production research and development sports turf machinery products of China factory, founded in 2014, is located in the beautiful and rich China's rural vegetables - shouguang in shandong province city industrial park, the company products are mainly involved in sports lawn special-purpose machinery, garden machinery, golf course, etc. Our parent company (

BEIJING KARTALIEP GOLF EQUIPMENT CO. LTD.) was founded in 2006. A lot of our products, it is my pleasure to service in 2008 Beijing Olympic stadium.

We have a strong technical force of product research and development team, equipped with a variety of modern production and processing equipment. In golf course turf maintenance machinery, football field, the racecourse sports lawn special machinery and equipment research and manufacturing, such as a variety of products for the domestic advanced technology, reliable quality.

Company independent development of lawn sand curing machine, powerful turboblower and fertilizer seeding machine products such as deep like golf course in southeast Asian countries.

Welcome to our company, we are looking forward to provide service for you!